Entrance to Exit (George Brecht, 1965)

USA, 6.5 min


Entry by Maciunas: “A smooth linear transition from white, through greys to black, produced in developing tank. The ‘door sign’ ENTRANCE fades in, white letters on the black background, stays for a few seconds, then slowly fades into white. Five-minute fade into black and the title EXIT, which stays for a few seconds then fades into white. Fluxfilm no. 10 from 37 Short Fluxus Films.”

brecht films : : ubu

this is what art is not
the emperor has no clothes
and this has no use

says i…

One comment

  1. a unique, zen-like minimalistic study on existence, that is on the ephemeral nature of (human) life and its borders dissolving in light… life as “event score”

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