the Wold-Shadow (Stan Brakhage, 1972)

USA, 3 min.

The Wold-Shadow imposes a sheet of clear glass between the camera and its object, a shot of woodlands. Shooting in single frames, Brakhage applies stunning layers of paint to the glass. –here


One day, while walking in the woods, Stan Brakhage had a vision of an unaccountable anthropomorphic shadow amongst the trees. Returning to the place some time later, Brakhage could not find the shadow again. He decided, instead, to compose The Wold Shadow, a cinematic homage to the god of the forest. Brakhage returned to the woods and placed a piece of glass on an easel between the camera and the trees that he planned to film. After composing each shot, Brakhage would take a single photographic frame, paint on the glass and then shoot the glass again, and so on. –mark rumsby


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