Chats Perchés (Chris Marker, 2004)

The Case of the Grinning Cat

Fr / 59 min


Master cinema-essayist Chris Marker whimsically reflects on art, culture and politics at the start of the new millennium, documenting the appearances of a charming graffiti’d grinning yellow cat in Parisian streets—the work of an anonyous street artist dubbed Monsieur Chat. Monsieur Chat meets French politics as the capital’s streets are the stage for a changing social climate—from the pro-American feelings generated shortly after September 11, to the anti-Bush and Iraq War demonstrations that later became prevalent, as well as the public response to the 2002 French presidential elections that shockingly pitted right-wing extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen against center-right Jacques Chirac. Chats perchés highlights the vital importance of expressions of art and imagination in our public lives. —

imdb :: face council










the morpheye

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