St. Trinian’s (2007)

UK, 97 min



well, i was bound by my weakness for stephen fry to see this, though as usual his role is tiny. moreover, i’ve recently fallen into watching the old st. trinian’s films – why? they’re fun, so shut your mouth – and so i was fueled by sheer curiousity (in addition to the aforementioned fryness). it’s not really my cup of tea at all, but i watched it in a very generous mood, and managed to enjoy myself; it’s surprisingly funny, cute, and rude. (and the drugs – oh, the drugs! among other things, these bitches dose some poor sods with magic mushroom tea. of course, that bothered me a bit, since as anyone who’s spent a little time at a liberal arts college can probably tell you, ya can’t hide that taste with chamomile, hell nah.)


dutifully formulaic, and with more than a bit of cheese on the side… but on the whole, pretty faithful to the madcap sensibility of the original series of films. (all of which could, at any rate, be similarly accused of cheesiness and cookie-cutterism.) this update mainly takes its cue from the first movie in the old set, the belles of st. trinian’s, revisiting several elements of that film’s plot (albeit with a more hyperbolic/modernized sensibility about youth and crime…).

however, the movie is riddled with “fresh” pop culture references and little in-jokes which – while probably amusing to fans of pride & prejudice and any, uh, followers of colin firth’s career (can’t include myself in this latter category) – will date it much more quickly than the original films from the fifties. (c’mon – youtube? “emo”? totally unnecessary. and you can’t “go live” on youtube, as they suggest; geez.)

they did cast several talented character actors, who… were good. (and, hey, rupert everett is fun, in his way. british comedies, even the ones that don’t really appeal to me, even the ones that are just cringe-worthy twaddle, are just… better, somehow, than their american equivalents.)


of course, this modern st. trinian’s walls are smeared with the stinking shit of 21st-century popular music, greatly increasing the unbearability quotient… and it will probably spawn several atrocious sequels that will make me embarrassed for having even bothered to half-compliment this’un. hoo-ha.















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