Thanksgiving Prayer (Gus Van Sant, 1991)

USA, 3 min


penned and performed by william burroughs; nuff said. but…


… if it’s NOT ’nuff for you – what’s wrong with you? – here’s a nice summing-up from the always-helpful anonymous imdb user:

Anyone who’s ever felt bloated and full of self-loathing after Thanksgiving dinner will at least appreciate the tone of Burroughs missive to America. “Thanksgiving Prayer” is a pleasant shot of Burroughs for those unwilling to wade through the thickets of his masterfully unpleasant books. The film is a fine document of Burroughs’ recitation style, which is as consistent as his writing. The latent humour of his writing becomes unavoidably clear in Burroughs’ deadpan delivery. This “Prayer” should be heard by all Americans at least once before they sink from Thanksgiving’s fatuous self-congratulations for their own good fortune, to Christmas’ rampant abuse of that fortune.

(oh, look, it’s even up on youtube.)


i actually have little patience or tolerance for those unwilling to wade through wsb’s “thickets”… you’ve gotta feel the BURN. language = virus.


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