Month: April 2009

God Plays Sax, the Devil Violin (A. Gulea, 2004)

Dumnezeu la saxofon, dracu la vioara
RO, 43 min

Instinctive energy and the economy of shifts are guiding the mechanics of life in a psychiatric clinic. The director illustrates this life by an example of one Romanian asylum, where patients themselves created rules of life in a close society.

Almost three hundred inhabitants, out of whom some live in rooms with twelve roommates, are friends, become intimate, marry and break up. Coffee and cigarettes are the basic currency units. Lively business and sexual affection are interrupted by the time for medications, food and sleep.


Slaughterhouse-Five (George Roy Hill, 1972)

From the director of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid comes the 1972 of the Kurt Vonnegut novel of the same name.  Not having read the book (I’ve read other books by Vonnegut though), I was able to more fully enjoy the movie.  What I liked the most was the story’s exploration of circular time, and ways in which the past is replayed in the future.  Also there was a really great car rampage scene in a cadillac.

Jack Cowan: Spontaneous pattern formation in large scale brain activity: what visual migraines and hallucinations tell us about the brain (2006)

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preposterous universe

plane waves


angular spectrum method

renegade futurist

dance safe

form constant


visual cortex



Lookwell (E.W. Swackhamer, 1991)

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The version in general circulation on the Internet is not the original as-aired episode. It comes from a later showing on Trio (a cable station) which, for unknown reasons, has a few cuts and a few alternate jokes/takes put in. One major difference may be due to music rights issues. A version of the original episode as aired on NBC was known to be circulated by tape traders. However, due to the age, high-quality copies are difficult to find.

Dancing Outlaw (Jacob Young, 1991)

USA, 29 min


This documentary short, produced for West Virginia public TV’s “Different Drummer” series, introduces us to Jesco White, a hard-living, tap-dancing Boone County resident whose repeated run-ins with the law have interfered with his dream of becoming as renowned a “mountain dancer” as his late father, D. Ray White. We meet Jesco’s three distinct personalities; the gentle and loving Jesse, the violent and dangerous Jesco, and the extremely strange Elvis. We also encounter various members of Jesco’s family, all nearly as eccentric as Jesco himself. You will ask, “Are these people for real?” Yes, they are. “The Dancing Outlaw” was released to videocassette after becoming something of a cult sensation through circulating “bootleg” tapes. Film and TV actress Roseanne is among Jesco’s many fans.





Armageddon Weekend (2009)

It’s Armageddon Weekend on History Channel. Revelations, Nostradamus, the Dust Bowl of the 30s. They even mentioned 2012 once, briefly. I would have never imagined I’d be seeing a straight block of “The World Is Ending!@!!1” on TV. I should have seen this in my william burroughs/ambient industrial days.

They have an interesting spin on it, but it’s still TV right? They kept showing pictures of Osama bin laden when they were talking about the anti-christ. I think they’ve got that one wrong.

Also there’s no no way a asteroid is going to hit the planet in anything less than 40 years from now, there are a lot of scientists who study the sky. I’m more of an 8-spoked-wheel kind of guy.

Nostradmus Lost Book illustration Plate 70

The cinch is now that I’m all propagandized, I’m going to be thinking about this all the time. And that is really a drag. “Christians today still wonder and debate- will this world come to an end, and when?”

Apparently “Apocalypse” means unveiling, not… apocalypse.  But I’m opting to still use it because it just sounds a lot better than Armageddon- WHICH is actually just a field in Israel, not an event.  Sad, there’s no name for it.


Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance (2001)

Shots of nature + gradeschool morality.  In one part, they go to a delicate rock ecosystem (Mt Maranya) and dip their hands in the clear pure water, lift up beautiful small plant growths from the rock.  It was like watching skin being torn off, pretty inconsiderate.  Cringe cringe.  I can’t believe it got 7.5 on imdb.  “They’ll be back with supplies in three days… if they can. I had mixed feelings watching the helicoptor leave.  It was like being left alone on another planet, surrounded by images from the dawn of time.”

That being said, plants that digest insects are awesome.