LOVE Story (2006)

UK, 110 min


LOVE Story is the story of L.A. band LOVE & their legendary frontman, Arthur Lee. Their tale is one of the great untold rock & roll stories. One of the first mixed-race rock bands, the dark vision of their music set them apart from the utopian ideals of the Flower Power generation and the Summer of Love era.


LOVE Story features extensive interviews with Arthur Lee, Johnny Echols, John Fleckenstein, Alban ‘Snoopy’ Pfisterer, Michael Stuart, Elektra boss Jac Holzman, producer Bruce Botnick & The Doors’ John Densmore, as well as archive interview footage of the late Bryan Maclean.


well, if this is really the only LOVE documentary available… fine. i guess i’ll be grateful. but it could have used more contributors – where’s the LOVE love? and while its production was timely – made shortly before arthur lee’s death – there’s also too much unharnessed footage of the middle-aged lee babbling uselessly, seeming sluggish and burned out… in sunglasses and a cowboy hat. in the end you’re left mourning, wondering what might have been instead of celebrating what was… and fuck that noise.




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