Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)

This is I think the third time I’ve seen it- I think it’s my favorite movie.  The color palatte, which ranges from monochromatic to luscious greens and blues, is amazing.  The sound is a work of art in its own, like a brilliantly mixed field recording over which the rather heavy dialogue is layed.  The composition of the shots has a great amount of variety and ingenuity- the shots both create the vibrant atmosphere and allow the actors to use a great deal of subtlety in the facial expressions and body language.  The dialogue is complex, and full of mystery- much of which is never fully resolved.  The pacing is marked by moments of stillness and contemplation.  And finally, the concept- the screenplay was written by the authors of the novella Roadside Picnic, the original source of the idea.  The details of the story are different but the overall idea is much the same.

Everything comes together for me perfectly with Stalker, it is easy for me to get lost in its complex fantastic world.




      1. nah my dvd has the original mono track, it’s just missing a gunshot in one second of the film

        ahem… !

        it’s possible someone smart ripped an avi with the correct audio, it’s just gonna be hard to tell unless the source is informative about things like that. it’s just, when separated from my beloved dvd, i tried to download it and discovered the 5.1 “remixed” soundtrack…. and immediately deleted the whole thing in disgust. \m/

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