Radio Pictures (Nicholas Renton, 1985)








BBC2 ‘Summer Season’ / 1x55m-e / 16 July 1985

Writer: Stewart Parker; Director: Nicholas Renton; Producer: Rosemary Hill

A play about the rehearsing and recording of a radio play which was about a Peeping Tom.

With:- DINSDALE LANDEN as Harry Tremlett / GEOFFREY PALMER as Glyn Bryce / FRANCES TOMELTY as Susanna Prine / FRANCES LOW as Donna Melchett / DERMOT CROWLEY as Rory Colquhon / SHEILA BURRELL as Dolly McNally / MICHAEL BILTON as Edgar Brimble / IAN SEARS as Jim Finch / DAVID THEWLIS as Jim Dench / RICHARD SPEIGHT as Jim Middleditch / JEREMY GITTINS as Announcer / JEAN RIMMER as Valerie Hulton


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