Month: September 2009

Master of the Spirits, Episode 2: the Fish of the Gods

Long ago, Earth was dominated by supernatural beings: spirits who lived in the forest and in the ocean. To live in harmony with them, Man had to learn to respect nature and animals.

Today the Masters of the Spirits are the guardians of ancient beliefs uniting men and animals: by respecting these eternal legends, Man continues to live incredible adventures with animals, hoping to receive the spirit`s protection.

For its 13 extraordinary and true stories, the series entitled ” The Master of the Spirits” has sought out civilizations who still believe in magic, and whose people continue to share remarkable experriences with animals, hoping to win the favor of the spirits.

From the mysterious fishermen of the Himalayan rivers to the last eagle tamers of the Kirgisthan mountains, this collection recounts the most beautiful legends fearturing exceptional relationships between Man and animals.

Very little information available on this series, it’s not even on IMDB that I can tell, but it’s produced by a company called ZED, based in France I believe, and a lot of their documentaries seem to be produced by someone named Jean Queyrat.

This one looks great too.