The Owl’s Legacy (Chris Marker, 1989)

L’héritage de la chouette
13 episodes x 26 min.


chris marker’s television series investigating the legacy of ancient greek culture in the modern world


the Woman in Black (Herbert Wise, 1989)

UK, 100 min


When a friendless old widow dies in the seaside town of Crythin, a young solicitor is sent by his firm to settle the estate. The lawyer finds the townspeople reluctant to talk about or go near the woman’s dreary home and no one will explain or even acknowledge the menacing woman in black he keeps seeing. Ignoring the towns-people’s cryptic warnings, he goes to the house where he discovers its horrible history and becomes ensnared in its even more horrible legacy.


one of the victorian-era ghost story chillers produced by the beeb. adapted from the book by susan hill, a pastiche of 19th-century fiction. screenplay written by nigel kneale! good atmosphere, concise, no-frills, low-budget. especially fun to watch if you have a roaring fire handy.


it’s been adapted into a stage play, still showing in london, and people say it’s REAL SCARY MAN, which is intriguing since i can hardly imagine effective horror in a theatre… collective consciousness, bah! also, this fun trivia tidbit was in the wiki:

The Fortune Theatre in London where The Woman in Black has been running since 1989 is reputed to be haunted by a ghost – a woman in black – who began appearing shortly after a break-in at the Covent Garden theatre. She was witnessed being in the wings by all actors mid-performance, watching in silence.


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