alain resnais

Cinétracts (Marker/Godard/Resnais/et al.; 1968)

FR, 68 min


A series of documentary shorts, directed (without credit) by several famous French filmmakers, each running between two and four minutes. Each “tract” espouses a leftist political viewpoint through the filmed depiction of real-life events, including workers’ strikes and the events of Paris in May ’68.


slightly elaborated description from LUX agency (via :

Made by politically committed film-makers to serve as agit-prop for the events of May ‘68, these films rely exclusively on stills rather than documentary footage, yet the sense of contrast and movement is very strong and the films very effectively make their point; they attempt to catch the spirit, rather than the fact, of the May Revolution. And although made anonymously, one can detect the hands of Godard, Marker et. al.


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