John Frusciante VPRO Interview (1994)

He makes me remember myself.

“Genius: A word with a long and complicated history, as this
information from the OED shows. In Latin, the word usually meant “The
tutelary god or attendant spirit allotted to every person at his
birth, to govern his fortunes and determine his character, and finally
to conduct him out of the world”; in later Latin, it often meant “A
demon or spiritual being in general.” A common English sense beginning
in the seventeenth century was “With reference to a nation, age, etc.:
Prevalent feeling, opinion, sentiment, or taste; distinctive
character, or spirit.” Another seventeenth-century development was
“Natural ability or capacity; quality of mind; the special endowments
which fit a man for his peculiar work” (first attested in Milton’s
Eikonoklastes, 1649).”

Marcel Duchamp: A Game of Chess (1963)

“This film records an in-depth interview with Duchamp which took place five years before his death, at the time of his first ever one-man show (at the Pasadena Art Museum). It records for posterity Duchamp talking about his life, his ideas on art, why he chose to continue living in America after fleeing France in 1915, and why he virtually abandoned his work as an artist in 1923. An engaging dialogue takes place between Duchamp and film-maker Jean-Marie Drot as they go around the Pasadena show, with the artist commenting on the exhibits and using them to explain the various stages of the development of his work. This is punctuated by the games of chess, which were for Duchamp a passion and a metaphor for the mental discipline he applied to his art. In this film we gain a rare glimpse of him talking with humour and insight about his ideas, and living up to the myth of the artist-philosopher that has grown up around him.”

Jeu d’échecs avec Marcel Duchamp was filmed late 1963 in Pasadena and New York for the Radio Télévision Française (RTF); first broadcast on 8 June 1964 and then shown at the International Festival of Artistic Films and Films of Art (Bergamo, 19 September 1964). A videocassette was issued by Public Media, Chicago 1987 (Marcel Duchamp. A Game of Chess) and by Phaidon (2007). The English version was presented in a television broadcast in September 1964 in the ‘Art and Man’ Series.

torrent: here.