Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan (Luis Buñuel, 1932)

Sp. & Fr., 26 min.

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A parody of documentary, Buñuel’s exaggerations included covering a donkey in honey so that it would be killed by bees.  The people of Las Hurdes have been stigmatized for generations, and the subject of some ill-conceived reconstruction plans.  Now they live by tourism and bee-keeping.  Watch this film for its surrealism and not its truth.



Ménilmontant (Dmitri Karsanoff, 1926)

Fr. 38 min.

Ménilmontant takes its name from a neighborhood in Paris, and is set in the early industrial era.  The film follows two women who were traumatically orphaned in their youth, and tells a story without the use of intertitles.  The score by Paul Mercer was haunting and added much to my experience.


La Seine coule près
je peut mais observer



Orpheus (Jean Cocteau, 1950)

Fr. Orphée, 95 min.

Tied with La Belle et la Bête as my favorite Cocteau film, Orphée takes from the Greek myth of Orpheus.  Every character is surprising in their own way, and there are some awesomely cool henchmen  who ride motorcycles (see below).


The poet journeys
into the underworld
to find Death