malcolm mcdowell

Britannia Hospital (Lindsay Anderson, 1982)

UK, 116 min


was finally able to watch this, the third entry in anderson’s mick travis “trilogy”. why is this one so seldom-watched? it’s very funny, and has a terrific cast. (i could mention several examples, but instead i’ll only point out the small, comic role of the hospital radio dj, performed by the superb richard griffiths – a man who can play any role, as long as it’s british and fat.)

it’s less surreal than its predecessors, but it far exceeded my expectations. i think i even prefer it to the also-zany o lucky man!… (i wasn’t wild about the whole alan-price-as-musical-greek-chorus shtick in that film, although i’m admittedly overdue for my first repeat viewing. if…, of course, is fucking untouchable.)

will finish capping later; in the meantime, enjoy these non-representative mark hamill shots…




"gee, this is much easier than playing a jedi knight... i love acting!"

Evilenko (David Grieco, 2004)

IT, 111 min


A sort of cinematic yang to Citizen X‘s yin: (very) loosely based on the same person. While Citizen X is a pretty faithful (if fictionalized) account of actual events, this is instead an entirely fictional look into the life and mind of a character inspired by the real-life Russian serial killer. Adapted from the director’s own novel, The Communist Who Ate Children.


I’m honestly not yet sure how i feel about it as a directorial effort
on the whole, but…