Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)

108 min



Mr. Brack6 has called Stalker his favorite film on this site, and I must follow suit and call this Tarkovsky mine. I was able to see it in the cinema tonight, and it was one of the most spiritually significant experiences of my life.


I’ve seen it before on dvd, and it’s always been something special and moving, but seeing it projected like this was something else entirely. See it if you can… no guarantees you’ll feel the same way (another viewer overheard walking out of the theater seemed to have only gotten out of it that Tarkovsky is a proponent of patriarchy and russian nationalism[?]) but if you can go into it with an open souleye and you’re a human being who isn’t completely overcome by fashionable ironic amoralism… it might really work.


For me it’s one of the grandest achievements of art, all art… it encapsulates and makes timeless what it is to be a being possessed of consciousness. Breathtaking (or rather breath-holding) moments of sublime stillness, small movements (wind or the breath of god?), tearing tears out of my eyes, all of them earned, all paid for. And if you lost your soul, you can still appreciate it on a purely technical, film school level; in this realm its achievements are vast… and still but a fraction of its riches.



Sans Soleil (Chris Marker, 1983)

FR, 100 min


L’Éloignement des pays répare en quelque sorte la trop grande proximité des temps.
“The distance between countries compensates somewhat for the excessive closeness of time.”   — Jean Racine


Poetic, highly personal documentary incorporates footage from around the world into uniquely philosophical essay. Mainstream viewers may be baffled and bored, but fans of experimental documentary will enjoy tremendously.

sans soleil = overwhelming bliss






La Jetée (Chris Marker, 1962)

first was Vertigo
then the Jetty, then Monkeys
28 minutes


^ vertigo‘s kim novak versus la jetée‘s hélène chatelain


Photographs shot with a camera very similar to the one above. (“a Pentax 24×36”)– interactive stills/sound site
watch it: