ruffles feathers

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (1943)

USA, 7 min


… swingin’!


Merrie Melodies cartoon by Bob Clampett of Looney Tunes fame.

An all-black parody of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow-White (known to its audience from the popular 1937 Walt Disney animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). Notorious for being one of the “Censored Eleven”: eleven Schlesinger/Warner Bros. cartoons produced at the height of the Golden Age of Hollywood animation based on racist humor.


Clampett is responsible for some important early animation work with Chuck Jones, et al., in the early…


Fritz the Cat (Ralph Bakshi, 1972)

USA, 78 min


Psychedelic, irreverent, adults-only animated film based on underground artist Robert Crumb’s cartoon of ultra-hip cat. Cult favorite for its cynical look at ’60s counterculture. Entertaining for those who lived through era. —

Bakshi‘s feature film debut. His three major films from this late ’60s/ early ’70s period are each pretty raw, highly personal, and controversial. (I’ve now only Heavy Traffic left to see from this era, and I’m expecting it to be the best of the lot.)